Duct Cleaning

Be Energy Efficient & Have a Healthier Home Environment

Gills Indoor Air will make your home energy efficient & healthyYou can’t afford to not inspect your Ducts.

Leaky ducts cost you money and home air pollution threatens your health. Our free inspection will identify any of these problem areas in your ducts. After we identify any issues, current energy programs can save you up to 75% off the installation and repair of your ducts.

  • Lower Utility Bills: Reduce annual utility bills up to 30% or more
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Help reduce dirt, dust, moisture, pollen, rodent residue/damage, and fumes that enter the building or home.
  • Improved Comfort: Properly sealed and insulated ducts deliver air more effectively to all rooms.

We offer air sampling and under-structure sampling for microbial, mold or other air borne pathogens.

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Duct Cleaning Eliminates

Dust Mites

Before & after views of an air duct. Dirty & filthy vs. clean.

Stop the dust mites at the source, reducing the dust levels in the air is a good secondary measure. HEPA filters will remove up to 99 percent of the material.


Larger pollen spores often collect in dust-covered ducts and continue to cause nasty allergy symptoms long after “allergy season” is over.

Suspect Microbials & Bacterial Growth

Even though you may not see or smell visible signs of infestation, your ducts could contain mold. A harmful bacterium that can wreak havoc on building structures as well as your health.

Rodent Residue

Rats and other pests will nest anywhere, often bringing in nesting material that can be infested with fleas and disease carrying insects.

The Duct Cleaning Process

  1. Our powerful vacuum will be connected to your air duct near your furnace
  2. Various tools will then be used to dislodge the contaminants and debris
  3. The vacuum pulls the contaminants out of the ducts and through the 3 stage HEPA filtration system
  4. The clean air cycles back into your home
  5. Once your system is cleaned, all access holes are resealed, returning your duct systems to their proper operating potential

We are the only NADCA certified ASCS, CVI air systems cleaning specialists in Southern Oregon. We have the most advanced Air Duct Cleaning Systems available. All of our equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA, and NADCA Standards for cleaning the air.

How to Get Started

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  • Once the inspection is complete, we will work with you to help you take advantage of all the incentives available to you
  • Then we'll schedule your duct cleaning

Another before & after view of your hvac/ac ducts.